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2020 recap

:: new year

By: Maciej Barć


What I did this year:

  • began studying at WSIiZ
  • drank a lot of alcohol with friends
  • installed NetBSD ;)
  • learned Nginx and Ansible
  • recruited new people to the src_prepare group
  • struck a nerve with some commies
  • took maintainership of gallery-dl and PPSSPP
  • tweaked my configs
  • went back to KDE and Firefox (missed them)
  • worked with Zigbee (probably not doing that again)


What do you wish in new year?

I wish you all merry Christmas and happy new year. Less bugs, more resolved issues, no wontfixes, better compatibility. Faster compilation, less failures. And of course no lawsuits, no copyright infringements and better government.