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Lenovo 81nc advanced bios options

:: hardware, laptop, tutorial

By: Maciej Barć

Accessing advanced BIOS menu


First using a needle or a toothpick click a button on the right side of the laptop (indicated by a bent arrow), this will start the machine up in BIOS selection menu where you choose the BIOS setup option.

Then, in the BIOS menu disable option to check laptop charge level while it is shut down. If not disabled it will interfere with key combination that has to be pressed while laptop is shut down. This can be turned back after the advanced BIOS menu is enabled.

After that "Exit saving changes" and shutdown.


I thought it was a joke at first but it really is true that a special combination of keys has to be pressed depending on the laptop model (while it is shut down).

For my laptop it is as follows:

F4 4 r f v
F5 5 t g b
F6 6 y h n


Old Access Point

:: hardware, router, access point

By: Maciej Barć


On some old routers, namely TP-Link's TL-WR840N version 2, there may not be a option to switch to access point mode. This is what you have to do to access that mode indirectly.


  • Power off the router
  • Unplug RJ cable from the WAN port
  • Connect the router to a PC (using one of the LAN ports)
  • Power on the router
  • Log it to the web console entering your router's IP, you can find out the IP by executing ip --color a (on a Linux box) if the router's DHCP server is still active
  • In LAN settings give your router a static client IP that fits into a network you want to connect it to; example: (make sure no other hosts are associated with that IP in the target network)
  • Restart the router
  • Log in to the web console entering the IP you have set
  • Turn off the DHCP server (DHCP -> DHCP Settings -> DHCP Server: Disable & Save)
  • Power off the router
  • Plug the cable from a network you want the router connected to to one of the LAN ports
  • Power on the router
  • Log in to the web console entering the IP you have set
  • Turn on the wireless network and set it up (SSID, password, etc.)
  • Done! :D